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lecture hall is designated as a national registered cultural asset

When I asked the library in the Ueda campus of Shinshu University to see some exhibitions regarding silk trade in the early Meiji period, I didn’t expect to be shown such beautifully pretty building !



A librarian Ms. Takei kindly welcomed us two, who had just casually asked her to show their archives showing the silk industry prevailed in this region some 100 years ago.

She even brought the key to this grande lecture hall which is still used in some ceremonial occasions such as graduation ceremonies to show us inside.

I was fascinated by its designs applied to tiny places like a block of ceiling, or in a tiny part on the front of a desk etc.

a pattern of mulberry leaves


After the nice detour to the lecture hall, we finally came to our destination, the archives showing the study of silk industry.
The faculty of Fiber in Shinshu university was established after Ueda Technical school for Silk Thread.
Ueda region boasts the first ever silk thread exported to Europe in the end of the Edo period.
This building was used as a storage for silk cocoons, and was just 3 years ago refurnished to become the archives to a nice small exhibition.

a picture scroll drawn painstakingly by the professors

Seeing the exhibitions, we can feel the zeal of the old day students and teachers.
Also we became to be aware that the silk industry was indeed connected to most of the people in the region back then.
If you are interested to learn about the history of silk industry, please contact the library of Fiber Faculty in Shinshu Univ. in Ueda city.


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