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Today we are going to introduce a very fun and “Japanesey” service started by the Matsumoto Hotel and Ryokan Association on July 18th – Matsumoto’s “Yukata rental” service.

If you stay at any of the Hotels or Ryokans (Japanese style Inn) below, you can rent a Yukata (Japanese cotton Kimono) for 1,000yen. They have a “How to wear Yukata” manual too, so you can put on your YUKATA by yourself and walk around Matsumoto in style. We think it’s going to be very unique experience! The Yukata renal service will be held from July 18th to August 31st, 2009.

With this service, you can also get some freebies from wearing your Yukata or Jinbei (light cotton summer clothes) around town: admission to Honmaru Garden in Matsumoto Castle and Matsumoto City Museum become free! Daimyocho Street, which is located in front of Matsumoto Castle, also has a special lottery for people wearing a Yukata or a Jinbei who buy something from local shops.

In truth, we have been teaching customer service English to people who work in city hotels and ryokans for 3 years. They study English very hard and will try to welcome you as much as possible – you might have nice exchanges with them if the situation is right.

We believe that wearing a Yukata will become one of your special experiences in Japan, so please take this opportunity to experience Japanese culture firsthand and take pictures in our historical castle town.

Matsumoto's Yukata Renatal Servicee Poster

Matsumoto's Yukata Renatal Servicee Poster

Here is the poster that has been put up in participating hotels. If the place you stay at has a Yukata rental service, you should be able to find this sign and ask about it.

Here are the hotels and ryokans that have the Yukata rental service, in alphabetical order:

■Hotel Buena Vista
http://www.buena-vista.co.jp/eng/index.html (English site)
■Hotel Iidaya
http://www.iidaya.co.jp/english.html (English site)
■Hotel Montagne
http://www.hotel-montagne.com/index0.html (Japanese site)
■Hotel New Station
http://www.hotel-ns.co.jp (Japanese site, but has a link to an English page)
■Hotel Otariya
http://www.mcci.or.jp/www/otariya/ (Japanese site)
■Hotel Suehirokan
http://www.mcci.or.jp/www/suehiro/ (Japanese site)
■Matsumoto Hotel Kagetsu
http://www.mcci.or.jp/www/kagetsu/englishtop.html (English site)
■Matsumoto Tokyu Inn
http://www.tokyuhotelsjapan.com/en/TI/TI_MATUM/index.html (English site)
■Matsumoto Tourist Hotel
http://www.trist.co.jp/en/index.htm (English site)
■Ryokan Seifuso
http://homepage1.nifty.com/seihuso/emain.htm (English site)

This is a blog for foreigners in Japan from all over the world, so here is some extra advice for our visitors.

1.People usually wear special Japanese wooden clogs with Yukata, so bring your clogs or sandals if you have them.
2.We recommend you don’t wear a back pack with Yukata; it doesn’t go well at all. If you want to carry things, ask your travel partner or find a small pouch.
3.Straighten your back when you walk in Yukata, and take short steps.

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