Getting Through the Hectic Days

August 19th, 2009 by
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pict0001Although agriculture is the main industry here and the most people in Nagano pref. engage themselves more or less in farming, ours , I believe, is one of the most hectic ones.


Here in the outskirt of Yatsugatake Mt. Range,summers are short and winters are frozen. So we have to earn whatever we need within the short 4 months’ harvest period.

Thus, gone was my dream of updating the blog about;

♥laboring days with our 2 Chinese diligent trainees who call me ” Oka-san”.

♥combatting with ever re-appearing deers whose job is to eat up our precious lettuces.

♥barbecue over the venison(! I wouldn’t tell where it came from) and veggies from our field with the Chinese boys and our kids,who are back home for the summer to help.




 and so on and on…..

Well, I intend to do my best to update our farming days from now on.

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