Finally Finished! Our Hectic Farming Season

October 31st, 2009 by
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relatively warm this evening at 11 degrees Celsius

relatively warm this evening at 11 degrees Celsius

Well, for better or for worse , it’s over. I can enjoy my non-farming season now.
The price of the veggies has been …..not good. There were many times when we were not sure if the price would be enough to cover the costs for transportation etc. And many times we were forced to throw away the lettuces in order to sustain the price.
Oh my! Forgive me for starting with such gloomy things.
It is just some 3 or 4 joints in my body ache today.
Tomorrow our Chinese trainees will clean their lodging and prepare for the return trip to China.
During their stay, they called me ‘Okasan’.
Being their Okasan,or mom, felt good most of the time,because they really were always with me and diligently  helped me.
 However, occasionally it was  heart-breaking when one of the 2 boys,the naive one, felt like neglecting his work. As his Okasan, I could understand his homesickness, so it was a bit challenging to cope with him on such occasions.
 Well, what ends well is all well. He managed to keep working his best to the end. I am relieved for him…hew!
The picture above is a notice board along the main street in my Kawakami village.
We check the temperature here everyday.
 Beyond the board we can see the Yatsugatake mountain range, so we check the feature of the mountains and the temperature at the same time and decide what to do. You see, we have to change tires if there is snow on the mountain top and the board shows below 2 degrees or so.

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