Dolls Festival, Hina-matsuri /An Instruction to Dolls Exhibiton for Tourists

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the pair from my girlhood

the pair from my girlhood

 March 3rd is the day for the Dolls Festival.

This festival has been traditionally selebrated in every household  with a girl/girls throughout Japan. It is to hope for the girls’  healthy and happy growth.

When a girl is born to a family, relatives make gifts of dolls by next March, so as to enable the family to celebrate the girl’s first Hina-matsuri, or dolls festival.

Since the dolls for such an occasion are of treasure and tend to be expensive, we (often mothers of the girls) take great care and pleasure every year to exhibit the dolls.

a (former) girl of my family

a (former) girl of my family

In these couple of years my daughters are away in Tokyo, so I settle our Obaachan (granny , mother in-law) instead to take pictures.

She is eligible, she sure was a girl!
Recently there are many places where they show Hina dolls for tourists.
One I would like to recommend is a private museum in Suzaka city.
Tanaka Honke Museum.  HP Japanese only.
The Tanaka family has been a rich merchant since the 18 C in Suzaka city.
They exhibit the family treasure to public ,switching the exhibitions  from season to season.
From February to April 20th ,the exhibition is a rich collection of Hina dolls from ancient times.
Below is a public exhibition of dolls from the Edo era( 17C~18C, samurai period), which I saw last year in Shizuoka pref.

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  1. Mariko-san, Great article on Hina dolls! I wrote one, too, without realizing you had written this one. But maybe it’s a good thing to have extra entries about something as culturally important to Nagano as Hina dolls.

  2. Thank you.Yes, actually I would like to see as many variety of dolls of anyone as possible. I love seeing Hina dolls and imagining the life histories of them.

  3. Oh,thank you,nara-san,for pointing out!
    I did not quite realize what you meant,but just now I was browsing through my own profile,and found out my misspelling.
    Thank you very much, Iwill arrange to correct the mistake.

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