Deserted but fun to wander…

April 17th, 2009 by
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Today, I went to the Tsuruya the large super market near my house. As you can see on the photo, there was no one else walking in the section. (the photo is taken at the beer & other alcohols section ). We saw some people in some other sections but still not so many. In terms of the size and variety of foods, the Tsuruya in Karuizawa is the “super” largest super market which I have been to in Japan. All the ones with other corporates in Tokyo are smaller as you may know. There are a few convenience stores in / around Karuizawa but any one who is planning on staying a few days or more in Karuizawa, I recommend Tsuruya to buy breakfast meals such as dairy foods and meats and even row fish. Today (still in April) we felt the store was deserted but it was just fun to wander around the store. But make sure to remember that there will be huge number of people especially in July and August.


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