Cherry Blossoms by Moonlight at Matsumoto Castle

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Yozakura-Cherry Blossoms by Moonlight

Yozakura-Cherry Blossoms by Moonlight

Japanese cherry blossoms are one of the famous scenes in Japan in spring. Matsumoto has many places where people can enjoy lovely cherry blossoms, but Matsumoto Castle is my favorite place to enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms by moonlight.

Matsumoto Castle holds a cherry blossom festival every year. Its schedule depends on when the cherry blossoms start blooming, but it usually takes place around mid-April.

Schedule in 2009
Date and Time: Thursday, April 9th to Thursday, April 16th
5:30pm to 8:30pm

During the festival, we can enter Honmaru garden (the courtyard) for free, and we can also enjoy the sound of Kotos (long Japanese zithers), flutes, and court music of Japan. You can try Japanese tea ceremony too. I recommend you take this opportunity to enjoy one of best springtime moments in Japan.

Matsumoto has many other places where you can enjoy Cherry blossoms in daytime and at night, including:

・Joyama-Park in Arigasaki
・Kobo-yama Kofun (old burial mound) in Namiyanagi
・Alps Park in Arigasaki
・Along Susuki-gawa river in Tsukama
・Shinshu Skypark in Asahi

This is a blog for foreigners in Japan from all over the world, so here is some extra advice for our visitors.

1.Bring a shirt/jacket/sweatshirt since it is still cold at night in Matsumoto.
2.Taking nice pictures in the dark is hard. If you have a tripod, it will help you immensely!

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