Busy Harvesting Lettuces

August 16th, 2014 by
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after cropping the lettuces for full 2hours, the sun rises


I have been meaning to visit many places according to their flower seasons, and up-blog each of those places,,, in vain.

Although I have my huge ambitions of learning Chinese language with my Chinese workman boy in exchange for tecahing him Japanese, and introducing this page with  a lot of beautiful places, nothing can come before the lettuces which are claiming with all their leaves that they are in need of weeding, a bit of more fertilizing, and cropping.


At last, though, I could catch a bit of timing to take photos in my field while cropping the harvest.

It’s Kawakami Village in the eastern tip of Nagano pref. , and our lettuces which are harvested during the mid summer accounts for 80% share of all the lettuce produced domestically.  If you buy a lettuce now, it’s very likely from our place. Please enjoy our lettuce!

Also, if you are interested to see us crazily, indeed!, farming, you can visit our village; Kawakami Village. Just, don’t expect a slow country life. We are literally wearing ourselves out with the labor,,,haha.

The access to Kawakami village;  via JR Chuo line, get off at Kobuchizawa station and change to a local JR Koumi line, get off at Shinano-Kawakami station.

via Shinano tetsudo line, get off at Komoro station and change to a local JR Koumi line, get off at Shinano-Kawakmi station.



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