Atmospheric Streets in Matsumoto

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Nawate street near the castle
Nawate street near the castle

Ever since I visited a flea market for secondhand kimono in mid January at Fukashi Shrine in Matsumoto, I have had my heart set on a certain secondhand kimono at a recycle shop on Nakamachi Dori street.

To cut a long story short, I went back to Matsumoto the other day only to find the kimono had been sold, alas!!
By the way, I bet there are some visitors to Japan who would like to purchase a kimono, but retreat because of its eye-rolling price.
I would recommend  recycle kimono shops to such visitors.
I myself make it a hobby to browse those shops occasionally. They usually handle the fabric nicely, and the prices are often less than 10% of ordinarily ordered kimonos.
OK, so much for my pitiful experience.
There are two little nice streets in front of Matsumoto castle; Nakamachi Dori street and Nawate Dori street.
Ougi-ya confectionary

Okina-do confectionary

First I took a walk on Nakamachi Dori street, and peeked in a little Scale Museum along the street.
There they exhibit various kinds of scales from several hundreds ago.
The staff advised me to peek in to Okina-do confectinary to see their old storehouse, or Kura  in japanese word.
So I ventured in to the confectionary, and a lady there kindly showed me the restored old warehouse in their backyard.
traditional japanese sweets as well as chocolates are sold in reasonable prices

traditional japanese sweets as well as chocolates are sold in reasonable prices  This is the confectuonary’s HP in Japanese.
the entrance to the Kura, warehouse

the entrance to the Kura, warehouse

In their backyard, there is a nicely restored Kura, warehouse.
Inside the kura, there are junky treasures!
From daily used utensils of some 100 years ago, old day tools for making the typical Japanese confectioneries, to a collection of the Kiso Yoshinaka warrior which happens to be the historical  interest of the confectionary owner.
To tell you a bit complicated situation, the fact is,
Okina-do confectionary has its own shop/factory at a place nearer to the castle, and they rent this place along with the kura to hold the branch shop here.
The landlord has a zeal in restoring old style warehouses, and thus they jointly work to preserve old Kuras.
Nakamachi Dori street has many such nice shops. Explore the street one shop by another would be a nice experience. This is a Japanese language HP for the street.
Aside from the Nakamachi Dori street and cross the Metoba river, you come across a smaller scale, cozy Nawate Dori street.
There are much junkier taste antique shops and eateries.  Also a Japanese language HP for the Nawate Dori street.
locals incessantly ring the bell and pray at this shrine

locals incessantly ring the bell and pray at this shrine at the entrance of the street

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  1. Dear Mariko,

    I would like to know if you were the Mariko Furudono that I met in England 1972. We lost contact several years ago, but now I found this blog and I hope it means that I found my friend. I am very worried about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Please let me know.

    Best regards,

    Ps: I really love the blog and hope to visit Nagano someday

  2. Suzana, Yes, it’s meeeee! Thank you so very much for commenting to this text! I was sooooohappy to be able to talk with you again. Since the earthquake, I have got warmest e-mails from overseas, and there comes you! By the way, did you get the e-mail I sent in return to this comment of yours?

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