Archaeological Sites around Yatsugatake

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the east side of the Yatsugatake Mt. Range is still pretty much snowy

It almost predicted the same cold weather as recently in the morning of Sunday, 8th April. See the snowy Yatsugatake?
 Only that, it turned out to be a nice warm spring Sunday ;long awaited!
 I drove around the skirt of Yatsugatake from the east side to the southwest side to see some friends.
On my way back, I decided to drop by one of many archaeological museums around Yatsugatake.      

Idojiri archaeological site

The picture above is a view around the Idojiri Koukokan musuem
Can you see a thatchet  roofed little hut on the right? This is a restorated hut of Jomon Period ; 10,000 yrs ago~2,300 yrs ago approx. 
 It looks like nothing but a serene(deserted?) rural area, but from what I learned at the museum, the place used to be the center of the Jomon civilization!
Obviously the population was much larger in those days some thousands years ago than today.
The sites where the Jomon objects were excavated are literally crowded around the south to west to east sides of Yatsugatake Mt. Range, so it might even be that , at that time the place was the capital of this archipelago. 
 Jomon Period extends from before the introduction of cultivation; from the time people made living by hunting and picking nuts.
 It extends to  the time after farming was introduced, but the consequent development of villages and the further consequence of  hierarchyized societies is categorized as the next period; Yayoi Period. 
 So in the Jomon Period, we can assume that the people lived non-class binded equal lives.
To tell you the truth, Jomon Period for me has been too long ago a period to be attractive.
However, after seeing the works of many hardworking archaeologists meticulously displayed, and also watching the introduction DVD to the lives of Jomon, I became fascinated with the mysterious Jomon Period .
A lady who was brooming the site told me that in June there are many lotus flowers blooming. I would very much like to come back here in the Summer.
After leaving the museum, I drove down 5 minutes to Route20. and there appeared a Michi no Eki, a place they sell local products ,e.g. unique vegetables etc.
This Michi no Eki is called Tsutaki-juku, , and is
placed at an ancient ( this case , much-close-to-today-Edo period) post station town.
You can also take a bath and relax at a large tatami room there.

the entrance of Tsutaki juku , Michi no Eki

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  1. I too love Yatsugatake mountain range very much!
    With its both pastoral (it has pastures and meadows!!) and rugged figure, I bet it will attract overseas visitors. Summer would be my top recommendation. Oh, I almost forgot; do not miss their dairy products such as yogurt and cheese!

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