Ancient Post Station Towns along the Ancient Highway

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before the Edo period, most travels are on foot

One of the many tourists attractions in Nagano is to stroll through some ancient post station towns along  one of ancient highways.


Among some ancient travel highways through Nagano , the longest is Nakasendo-highway.

Nakasendo-highway was designated as one of the 5 government official highways by the Tokugawa-Shogunate government.

So it explains the palanquin above.

There have been 2 highways conneting Edo( the present day Tokyo), where the Shogun resided, and Kyo( the present day Kyoto), where the Emperor resided.   They were Tokaido highway and Nakasendo highway.

While Tokaido highway became the base of the present national route No. 1 and thus changed its appearance to a much  busy road, the other Nakasendo highway , which trailed through Nagano, has retained its ancient atmosphere here and there.

Especially in Kiso area, there are some post station towns where the locals try to preserve the historical touch .


a comfortable walkway of Narai-juku



Narai-juku post station is among the nearest from Matsumoto or Shiojiri.

40 minutes train ride or an hour drive from Matsumoto, you can visit the ancient town and enjoy feeling like an Edo traveler.







electric car charger

What’s more, I have spotted a free car charger in a free parking lot just beside the Narai-juku street.

By this charger, you can charge your electric car full in half an hour !


Maho-san, the lady, can guide you through the town.

Mr. Yamaishi works to draw tourists to Matsumoto region. He is originally from Omachi, and holding the popular ” Raicho-no-sato” sweet sandwitched biscuits from Omachi.





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