Almost Hanami Time (I think)

March 31st, 2009 by
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I once again headed up to Anzu no Sato and found that the apricot blossoms there are still not quite ready for the tourists that visit every spring.  But, unlike my first post on this topic, I think I can now safely say that I am terrible at predicting when the flowers will actually be mankai, or full-bloom.

Early Apricot blossoms in Mori, March 28, 2009

Early Apricot blossoms in Mori, March 28, 2009

About two weeks ago, it looked as if the trees would be blossoming early, based on observation of a single tree already sprouting pink flowers in my mother-in-law’s yard.  But as is typical of a Nagano spring, the warm spell gave way to SNOW!  And this happened only a day or two after I so happily posted that we might have an early blossom season.  Now, that same tree has numerous blossoms on it, while the surrounding trees in the yard are still showing red buds.  So, things are looking good, right?

Maybe not.  Yahoo Weather says there’s going to be snow again over the next couple of days.  Who knows what the area will look like next weekend?

I will keep everyone posted on this.

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