A Togura Kamiyamada Handmade Cakes & Gelatos : An Onsen Ryokan Inn

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Patisserie 'L'avenir' from outside

I was to visit Nagano Prefectural History Museum the other day on the 11th.

They were holding a Hina Doll exhibition which had been owned by a rich merchant from Nagano pref.

To visit the History Museum if you drive there, you have to drop off from the highway at the Koshoku IC.

I somehow mistook the exit, and exited at the Sakaki IC, as a consequence encountering a delicious cake maker and the ‘famous-to-this-blog-readers Onsen Ryokan,’ Kamesei Ryokan.

Let me first intorduce the patisserie,’ L’avenir’. (the link is to the site that introduces the patisserie)

Although the cakes and gelatos are fancy and delicious, the entrance of the shop is not so flashy that you might miss it.


It ‘s owned by a sister-brother pair, the brother baking the cakes and the sister making gelatos.

cakes sold at L'avenir

fancy cakes, almost a fine little exhibition

For the ingredients, they make them handmades as much as possible; many fruits from their garden. It must be a lot of work!

the owner sister who is a gelato patissier

According to one of the owners, the sister, and she is very friendly & chatting just like myself, gelatos

contain much less fat than usual icecreams.
She told me that, while icecreams are made from cream, gelatos are made from milk, which contains much small amount of fat.
So I tried the gelato, which was DELICIOUS! despite the fact it was a snowy and cold day.


Although there are only 4 kinds, they are all yummy!

The flavors differ according to the seasons.
The owner told me that the shop locates at the end of the main street of Togura
Kamiyamada Onsen, and when I asked her about Tyler-san and his Kamesei-

Ryokan, she said she knew him and it was a walking distance from the ryokan and

that some guests at the ryokan sometimes visit the patisserie.

the owners of Kamesei Ryokan

So I set off to visit him, Tyler-san, wondering back and forth about if it was his busy time, especially that I hadn’t called him earlier and had nothing brought for him.
It turned out that, on entering the front entrance and peeking into the window there he was, our Tyler-san sitting and greeting me with his broad smile.
Waving off my apologies of not bringing him anything by saying that I had my smile on the face, he served me a nice cup of coffee and we chatted for a while.
I knew from the tripadviser post that his ryokan was popular by their friendliness, but I was amazed at their grand entrance lobby which held large decorations and cosy chairs.
And I even met his lovely three children coming out to try their handmade yacht on the pond. And his sweet wife.
When I told him that I was visiting the History Museum, he mentioned that a family guests from Korea at his rhokan that night  might be visiting there,too.
Then I set off to the History Museum, where I indeed encountered the Korean family with whom I saw the exhibitions.
I hope it wasn’t interrupting to the family’s sightseeing Nagano.

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  1. Mariko-san, Thank you for your kind comments. Next time please come for a bath. And thanks for taking such good care of the family from Korea at the History Museum — they were so happy to have an English-speaking guide! Someday I want to visit your farm. Shall I take some sweets from L’Avenir when I do? 🙂

  2. Tyler-san, Thank you for your comment.
    It was very nice of you to pour me a cup of coffee and chat despite my showing up un-informedly.Thank you for your friendliness.
    As for the Korean family, I am glad and relieved to hear they were happy!

    Please visit my farm with and WITHOUT the sweets!

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