A Local Horse Race,Kusakeiba,in Mochizuki, Saku city

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the most freezing morning ; 3rd November

the most freezing morning ; 3rd November

             It has been a few days, but I would like to update my page with a topic about a local horse race in Mochizuki town, Saku city.

 Our Chinese boys, agricultural trainees, went back home at dawn on 3rd  Nov. Having seen them off, my husband and I decided to go for a date somewhere. There had been a TV news informing a horse race in Saku city, so we set out for an hour drive to Saku.




According to Mr. Daikuhara, a section chief for Ecomony & Construction Division in Mochizuki town hall,

                                                                                                       Mochizuki aea used to be one of the main places for breeding horses for the Imperial use since the Heian-                                                                                                      period, roughly 1000 years ago.

the 21st Grand Horse Race in Mochizuki                   Horses bred here were of the highest quality and favored by lords and Shoguns throughout history.

Also, horses served as an indispensable workforce for farmers. They were like family members for farmers,and there used to be an annual horse race by local people.

In recent years,however, as demands for horses decreased, the horse race, too,had its brank years. With the beginning of the Heisei-Era in 1989, the people of Mochizuki re-started the annual event in order to cheer up the area.So it is the 21st time this year.                                                                                                          

the participants preparing with their horses
the participants preparing with their horses

On the TV news I saw earlier, there could be seen children on horsebacks, so we assumed there must be local parents crazy about their children’s skills on horsebacks. Just like we used to be with our kids’ speed skating a decade ago.

 It turned out that the participants are from horse riding clubs all over Japan.
 Still, we could see the races for children riding ponies.
 One pony-boy pair seemed to be in the early stage of their training, and the boy’s mom had to drag the pony.
she dragged the pony now, but in the end of the 400m track, the pony dragged her!

she dragged the pony now, but in the end of the 400m track, the pony dragged her!


 The races for adults were more fierce.pict0009

 The venue was a local ground for sports events,and there were a lot of local groups installing tents to sell their hand-made dumplings, rice-balls, hotdogs,etc.

There were no professional Takoyaki, or okonomi-yaki  stalls, but the local groups had enough varieties of food and even local farmers had their products brought, so the atmosphere was all the more lively.

By the way, how to bet on horses; there is no money betted on.

1,People are given a copy of  a program for the races .

2,They see the races while checking the riders’ names on the program.

3,As the preliminaries finish, people forecast a likely winner and write the number of the horse on a sheet of paper and cast in a ballot box.

4,Who wrote down the right number will get a prize! A chinese cabbage and a baseball cap with Mochiauki printed on.

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  1. It seems like you really had a great time visiting the horse breeding area. As you appear to be a great horse lover, I would like to share something about the recently held Extreme Cowboy Race World Championship. It was a large scale event that had horses participating from all over the world You can check out the results of the race on your own at the website of Horse2Heart (http://www.horse2heart.com/results-world-championship-extreme-cowboy-race-finals). I’m sure you would feel the excitement of the race with every word that you read.

  2. Hi, thank you for the comment.I read your recommended HP and it reminded me of a TV drama,’Black Beauty’,which I used to watch in my childhood.
    I was a little taken aback to read that one of the prizes for the race was a pistol to use at a shooting race,but I assume it is like a Japanese ‘Yabusame’http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yabusame,which is performed in many shrines as annunal events.

  3. Hi, thank you very much for the encouraging comment. It makes me feel like posting a new one, thank you!

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