Festival Unnojuku Fureai

Area Bagian Timur 海野宿ふれあい祭


At any time of year, a visit to Tomi City’s Unnojuku will feel like stepping back into time. The buildings in this post town on the old Nakasendo road between Kyoto and Edo (Tokyo) have been preserved much as they were during the feudal era. However, during the annual Unnojuku Fureai Festival, the townspeople dress up in period costumes as samurai, travelers, merchants, etc. So not only can you enjoy the historical architecture, but festival-goers can also interact with the locals reenacting the past. Be sure to try the local cuisine featuring specialty vegetables, beans and walnuts.


Unnojuku Fureai Festival Organizing Committee (c/o Tomi City Commerce and Tourism Dept.)
Tel: 0268-67-1034 / Fax: 0268-67-3337
Email: kanko@city.tomi.nagano.jp

Tanggal buka

November 23rd

Lokasi / Akses

All of Unnojuku, Kota Tomi

Dengan Kereta:
5 menit taxi ride dari Stasiun Tanaka (Shinano Railway)
5 menit taxi ride dari Stasiun Oya (Shinano Railway)
Dengan Mobil:
15 menit dari Tobu-Yunomaru IC

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