Uchiyama Paper

Area Bagian Utara 内山紙


Made exclusively from paper mulberry bark, Uchiyama handmade paper is strong, breathable, and translucent and retains moisture. One reason paper making developed in the Iiyama area is the region’s heavy snow fall. New snow is used to bleach the mulberry bark. Due to the natural process used to make it, Uchiyama paper is durable and fade resistant, making it particularly suitable for use in “shoji” paper screen doors as well as for official documents. Among the two dozen firms producing Uchiyama Paper, there are 9 government-recognized Master Craftsmen.
For further information, please also see the Uchiyama Style Japanese Paper Making page in the Experience section.


Uchiyama Paper Association
Tel: 0269-65-2511 / Fax: 0269-65-2601
Email: info@uchiyama-gami.jp

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Kota Iiyama

Dengan Kereta:
10 menit taxi ride dari Stasiun Togari Nozawa Onsen (JR Iiyama Line)
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20 menit dari Toyota-Iiyama IC

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