The Apricot Harvest in Chikuma

July 3rd, 2009 by
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Apricots on trees in Mori, Anzu no Sato

Apricots on trees in Mori, Anzu no Sato

Well, it is that time of the year again — the Apricot Harvest in Anzu no Sato!  Every year, around mid-June to mid-July, the apricot trees in Chikuma City’s Anzu no Sato are covered in orange, ripened apricots to be picked, packaged and sent out to supermarkets.

The families involved spend about two to three weeks picking the fruits all day long and go into the late evening (sometimes as late as 2 am!) sorting and packaging them for shipment to markets.

And with a lot of families in the area, finding people to help with the picking is a real challenge, especially during the weekdays.  But from what I am told, people in Anzu no Sato would probably welcome the help with the picking.  If you want to find out about picking apricots yourself, go to the Anzu no Sato Mori Tourism Center in Mori and ask.

To get there, drive along the Anzu Kaido road from central Chikuma City.  Veer right at the small Eneos station and then bear right again at the Suzuki motor shop.  After passing the Mori post office, the road will stop at a T-intersection.  Turn right and you’ll see the Tourism Center on the right, across from the small river running alongside the road.

Good luck!

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