New Ninja Dojo in Nagano City — Mesmerizing fun for kids and adults!

June 23rd, 2013 by
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An NPO trying to find uses for empty houses and buildings around Zenkoji Temple in Nagano City hooked up with another NPO teaching ninjutsu to kids. The result is the Monzen Ninja Dojo.

Miyashita-ninja in front of Monzen Ninja Dojo by Zenkoji Temple in Nagano City

Officially open for business, the owner Miyashita-ninja gave me a tour of the dojo recently. The tour included crawling through holes in the walls and floor, jumping off the 2nd floor roof, and throwing shuriken darts — not your typical everyday experiences!
I am looking forward to taking our kids there for some father-son bonding through ninja training!

Ninja Training Lessons by Miyashita-san, a master of the Togakuredo school of Ninjutsu, are available to the public. He offers 3 lessons per week, on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday mornings from 9:30 to 10:30am. Price is 2000 yen per person.

How to go up to the 2nd floor ninja-style

Lesson content varies according to the interests and abilities of the participants. Want to learn how to walk stealthily like a ninja? Or are you interested in learning some basic self-defense manuevers? How about throwing shurikens? Or climbing up walls to reach the roof of the building — and then jumping down from the 2nd story? The Monzen Ninja Dojo is the place for you!

Anyone can participate in the lessons — from kids to adults, and even kids WITH adults

For information and/or reservations, call or e-mail Miyashita-san at 090-3558-0179,  (English OK)

6 Responses to “New Ninja Dojo in Nagano City — Mesmerizing fun for kids and adults!

  1. Want to find out ninja activities or training for a 9 yrs old English speaking boy on the 19/01/2014 Sunday. Any ninja costume will provide?

  2. Isaac-san, Thank you for your inquiry about the Togakushi Ninja Lesson. Sorry for the delayed reply. I spoke with Miyashita-san, the master of the dojo mentioned in the blog entry. Will e-mail you his e-mail address separately, but he would be happy to provide a ninja lesson as well as ninja outfit rental, and would like to know your requested time. Have fun!

  3. Hi, Would like to know if it’s possible to have lessons for 5 kids (age 7 – 15) on 12/24 morning?
    Thanks for communicating the info to Miyashita-san.

  4. Deborah-san,

    Thank you for your inquiry for the ninja lesson. Will e-mail Miyashita-san and include your e-mail address for ease of communication between the two of you.



  5. i practice ninjutsu in a small dojo non affiliate in french
    i like to take a leçon in japan
    i work nearly togakushi and i can come to do this a sunday

  6. Yanneck-san, Thank you for your interest in Togakure-ryu ninjutsu. I suggest you contact Miyashita-sensesi, tel# listed at You can arrange a time/place directly with him for a lesson. We’ve had several guests take lessons with him, and some have even come back to Japan for additional practice, so I think it would be worthwile for you. Good luck! -Tyler

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