Matsui No-en, an “amusement farm”. 30min from Karuizawa.

September 17th, 2009 by
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Fishing a toutHave you been to a no-en farm in Japan? The farm I’m writing about here is a little different from normal farm (no-jo, no-chi in Japanese). It is no-en, like a small nature-oriented amusement park with restaurants and shops etc. Matsui No-en is one of the best known no-en in East Nagano area. It was about 30 minutes drive from our house in Karuizawa. When I and our family went there, it was still during summer vacation. So its car parking lot was almost full even before the lunch time. Matsui No-en had a lot to offer for families. First of all we had a BBQ lunch with fresh vegetables (which we believed were cultivated in the Matsui farm) at a restaurant inside the farm area. We fished trouts in a fishing pond. Then we went to apple picking. And before we went home, we had a big, blueberry flavored ice cream. Matsui No-en is in Komoro, West bound from Karuizawa, about 30 mintutes by car. It was a good, easy half-day get away from home.  There are only Japanese spoken staff, but they are all friendly and helpful. (Japanese only) On the homepage, it says it’s been running since 1941! In the no-en, you can enjoy blueberry picking and cosmos pickinig too. No admissioni fee. At charge for each service. Free parking.


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  1. i’m very interested to go Matsui No-en. I’ll be visiting Japan on the 1st Aug and planning to go Karuizawa on the 7th Aug. May i know how do i get to Matsui No-en from Karuizawa? are there any public transport that i can take?

    thank you.

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