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hinafesI attended an event called “Hina Doll Festival for Adults” on April 5th at the Baba Family Residence an old Japanese building in Matsumoto.
The dress code was kimono (or something pink for men), so all the women were wearing kimono.
We enjoyed tea ceremony, To-sen-kyo (a traditional Japanese game), and a concert featuring traditional music.

Kimono is now popular among foreigners and young Japanese as something that represents traditional culture.

You can experience wearing kimono in some places in Nagano Prefecture, such as Zenko-ji Temple Tokugyo-bo in Nagano City and a ryokan called Seifuso in Matsumoto.

Also, “kimono shows” are sometimes held. One show will be held at Nagano Kenmin Bunka Center (Hokuto Hall) in Nagano City by Chubu Kimono Gakuin on May 31st (from 1:00pm, entrance fee: Y1000).

Explanation of Hina Dolls is here.

Tea Ceremony


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  1. Tyler-san, Kamikochi will be open on April 27 (the same day every year). I heard Ken-san will go to Kamikochi on that day to attend the Opening Festival. I will ask him to take photos.

  2. Wao! This is something I would very much like to attend. Maybe next year, I shall get a new secondhand kimono at the recycle kimono shop( what was the name of the shop, it just slipped my mind) on Nakamachi-Dori street, and join the event. And thank you for linking your page to mine!

  3. Hi! Mariko-san
    The recycle kimono shop is “Nakamachi Kimono Kan”.
    My company is also along the Nakamachi street.
    The next event of kimono might be held in Nakamachi.
    I will inform the event beforehand next time.

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