Introducing the new “Unique Nagano” App featuring 100+ Activities to experience in Nagano

April 6th, 2014 by
Category: Experience

Nagano Prefecture’s Junior Innkeepers Association has just released a new app for the prefecture.  Called “Unique Nagano”, the app features over 100 activities to experience in Nagano. 

The featured activities include everything from a real ninjutsu lesson from a Togakure-do school ninja to sitting at a 100-year old loom and weaving your own silk walk hanging.  There are a wide variety of onsens (including one where you dig your own bath out of a river bed) and cooking lessons (such as miso soup making by a real-life miso maker as well as that quintessential Nagano activity — soba noodle making).

The Innkeepers Association hopes that by showcasing some of the great activities that make Nagano such a rewarding place to see, that more people will choose to stay here. 

App is downloadable from the companion website,

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