Fruit Harvest and Picking Season

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In Nagano, Autumn is a season for beautiful colored leaves, mushrooms in forests, and yummy FRUITS!

Nagano prefecture is the second largest production district of apples and grapes in Japan (the first is Aomori in Tohoku for apples and Yamanashi, the neighboring prefecture, for grapes). So sometimes we refer to our prefecture as “Fruit Kingdom”.

Among those, the fuji apple is popular even outside Japan and I heard one apple is sold for $10 for rich consumers in some of Southeast Asian countries (you can buy it for less than $1 in Nagano).

You can buy and eat various kinds of apples and grapes in farmers’ markets.

And, if you pick apples in orchards and eat them immediately, you would be surprised that the taste of fresh apples is different from the usual ones you eat.

The experience of picking grapes and eating under grape vines is fun and it will be a good memory.

Some of the orchards where you can experience fruit picking are,

5 Responses to “Fruit Harvest and Picking Season

  1. Please recommend farms to pick apples or any other fruits in Dec 2017 in Matsumoto.
    Await reply ASAP.

  2. Hi,
    December is late for fruit picking. Only apples can be picked in a few orchards in December and no in Matsumoto.
    “Azumino Peach and Apple Farm” in Azumino (neighbor of Matsumoto)’s website (Japanese) says some apples can be picked in December, but I am not sure. The owner, Kato-san, may not be able to speak English but contact 090-4528-7583 or FAX: 0263-76-3163.
    Thank you

  3. Hi,
    The harvest season of most fruits is summer – autumn. Only strawberries can be harvested in Feb/Mar. You can pick strawberries in Habiro Farming Park (Miharashi Farm). There is an English leaflet PDF in There are some other strawberry farms in Nagano (Japanese site:, but I think they don’t have English website or leaflet.
    Enjoy delicious strawberries in Nagano!

  4. Greetings! Will be at Nagano / Yudanaka in May. Which orchard would you offer for fruit picking that’s in season and English-friendly? Thank you.

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