Zenkoji’s Lantern Festival — Part of Nagano’s Olympic Heritage

February 13th, 2018 by
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Last night, we went to Nagano City’s venerable Zenkoji Temple for the last night of the 15th annual Toumyou Matsuri (Lantern Festival).  It is in commemoration of the 1998 Winter Olympics.  The visual artistry was a heart-warming display, which was dearly welcomed with the sub-freezing temperatures!  I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

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  1. Hi Tyler,
    Do you think you can help me. I’m at a lost how to plan my itinerary. My husband n I plan to travel to Japan in Late July or early August for a week to places like Nagano,Kanazawa, Karuizawa,Takayama n Shirakawa-go from Tokyo.
    Which area should we base in or should we stay a day in each town.
    What type of pass to buy.
    Are there any local tourists bus to use at each town n also the flow of my travel, which town to go first.

  2. Helen-san,
    Thank you for your interest in coming to Nagano.
    From Tokyo, you could take the Hokuriku Shinkansen to stop and visit Karuizawa and Nagano City. From Nagano Station, it is only 60 min. via Hokuriku Shinkansen to Kanazawa. Then you could return to Tokyo via Shirakawa-go/Hida Takayama.
    In late July / early August, Karuizawa might be crowded so Nagano City may have more availability for accommodation. As an option, you may want to consider staying at an onsen resort town near Nagano City such as Shibu-Yudanaka or Togura-Kamiyamada (www.onsentown.net). You could potentially make Nagano City and vicinity your base for visiting Karuizawa and/or Kanazawa as the Shinkansen makes both very convenient from Nagano Station but Kanazawa is one of the gateways to Shirakawa-go/Takayama so flow-wise, Tokyo – Karuizawa – Nagano – Kanazawa – Shirakwa-go – Takayama.
    As for access within those locations,
    For Karuizawa at that time of year, I recommend renting bicycles.
    For Nagano City, there are buses but much of the city center is compact and accessible on foot. Sample itinerary: http://www.unique-nagano.com/course/unique-visit-2-days-in-nagano-city.
    If you advise any particular areas of interest, I would be happy to make more specific suggestions so please let me know.
    Best Regards,
    Tyler Lynch

    Regarding train passes, the only one that would cover all 6 of those locations is the Japan Rail Pass, http://www.japanrailpass.net/en/index.html.

  3. Hello. My name is Victor and I am from Singapore. My wife and I are doing some advance planning for a long 3-week trip in February 2019 just to explore Nagano-ken. During this trip, we would like to experience this Nagano-shi Tomyo Matsuri. Do you know when exactly in February 2019 it will be held? Thanks.

  4. Victor-san, Thank you for planning a trip to Nagano.
    To answer your question, in 2018 the Tomyo Festival was Wedn to Mon 2/7-12. One would assume in 2019 it will be Wedn to Mon 2/6-11, but we suggest you check with the official website, http://www.nagano-toumyou.com/ as that will be updated once the dates are decided.
    We hope you enjoy your trip to our prefecture.

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