Upcoming Katana (?) Making Events in Sakaki

May 16th, 2010 by
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As previously mentioned, the Katana Museum in Sakaki Town offers knife making lessons using katana techniques from time to time.  The next lesson is scheduled for Sunday July 4th at the Tetsu no Tenjikan (http://tetsu.town.sakaki.nagano.jp).  There will be 2 sessions, a morning one starting at 10am, and an afternoon one at 1:30pm.  Price is 500 yen and children elementary school age and older are encouraged to participate (accompanied by an adult). 

Katana (err, knife) - making lesson at Sakaki

Katana (err, knife) - making lesson at Sakaki

In addition, on Sunday June 6th, the same Museum will offer a tour of an actual katana workshop.  The 2 hour tours will be held twice, 10am and 1:30pm.  Museum admission (400 yen) is required.   The swordsmith is Miyairi-san, son of a national living treasure (and destined to become one himself).  This is a unique opportunity to see inside a classic, historical sword making workshop.

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