Summer Festival Season

July 29th, 2010 by
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Now, the summer festival season started!
In downtown Matsumoto and the Fukashi Shrine, Tenjin Matsuri (heavenly gods sky festival) is held on July 24th-25th every year.
This year, the dates are Saturday and Sunday; so many people came to join the festival.
It is fun and a good opportunity for young people to wear Yukata (traditional Japanese clothes for summer) and meet with their friends at night on the first day in the shrine.

Fukashi Shrine

The Fukashi Shrine

Floats at the shrine

Floats at the shrine

I pulled the float (dashi) of our town Nakamachi. Some foreign travelers were taking photos of traditional and unusual scenes of the float parade.
Children's Taiko (Drum) Performance at the Shrine

Children's Taiko (Drum) Performance at the Shrine

There are many summer festivals held around Nagano Prefecture, such as fireworks festivals at Suwa Lake and other various places, taiko (drum) festivals at Matsumoto Castle and in Okaya and dance parade festivals (Nagano Binzuru, Ueda Wasshoi, and Matsumoto Bon-bon).
Also, a famous Iida puppet festival will be held (August 5th – 8th).

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