Samurai Costume Parade

November 15th, 2010 by
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Every year Nov 3 is the day of Matsumoto Citizen’s Festival and Matsumoto Castle Festival.
The main event of the festivals is a samurai warrior costume parade held in the afternoon.
It starts at Matsumoto Castle, parades around downtown, and comes back to the castle two hours later.
This year I had a chance to watch it.
More than 200 people including boys and girls walked slowly in front of modern buildings. Some boys and girls were dressed as cute ninjas.


Girl warriors

Girl warriors

A man featured as a lord and a previous “Miss Matsumoto” featured as a princess. You can enjoy the Kurosawa movie’s world live!



Also, tea parties, boys and girls kendo and naginata (traditional martial arts) competitions, and other events were held in Matsumoto Castle Festival on the same day.

Samurai costume parades are held in Ueda city and Matsushiro in Nagano city, too.

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