Mitsuba-tsutsuji (azalea) in Nagiso town

April 12th, 2009 by
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Grand view from Tenpaku Park in spring with the Japanese Chuo Alps for a background


Although most part in Nagano, ‘sakura’ (cheery blossoms) are already at their best and or past their prime, we will be having a grand show of  ‘tsutsuji’  (azaleas) everywhere across the prefecture.

I went to one of the most renowned place featuring a large colony of  ‘mitsubatsutsuji’  in Nagiso town, widely known of its old post town from the Edo Period, ‘Tsumago’.

The colony is in huge Tempaku Park at the foot of the mountains. A festival ‘ Mitsuba-tsutsuji Matsuri’ is being held till Sunday, Apr. 19th.

Gohei-mochi (pounded rice on a wooden stick with miso-based sauce) being sold at the tent by the parking in the park run by Nagiso-machi Tourism Association was the most delicious of its kind I have ever had!  Dipped in the sauce and grilled for minutes until it begins to brown and smells — how savory! The pickles served for free were also great!  — Sorry that was me who ate nearly ten pieces of them. A bit of walking up and down around the park eating this local cuisine would be a previlage for those who visit there at this time of the year.

Just around 15-min walk from JR Nagiso sta.

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  1. Thank you, Tyler-san.
    I went there yesterday guiding a couple from your country, USA — they are really nice and have deep insight into differnt cultures. I learned a lot from them.

    The alaleas were in full bloom!
    I took a photo there, which I would like to upload it when I have time. I will be guiding in Suwa, Kirigamine Heights and Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route.

    Kiso valley is just great!

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