Lake Suwa Marathon and Walk

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Start of the Lake Suwa Walk

Start of the Lake Suwa Walk

Lake Suwa, in the central Nagano Prefecture, can be seen from the train and highway on route from Tokyo to Matsumoto.
It’s quite interesting that such a big lake exists like a navel surrounded by mountains.
Around that navel of a lake is a good walking and marathon course. The 16K course is flat and the surface of the course is soft rubber that’s gentle on our feet and perfect for walking and running.
I attended a walking event around Lake Suwa on September 28th. More than 2,000 people enjoyed walking around the lake chatting, listening to their iPod or Walkman, and along the way, some stopped to enjoy lunch or just to lounge around in the grass.
On October 25th, the Lake Suwa Half Marathon will be held. It’s a very popular race. 7,000 people are expected to run around the lake with the beautiful autumn scenery as the backdrop.
In Nagano, another popular race Nagano Marathon, which ia a full marathon race, is held every April in Nagano city.

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  1. I can’t believe I discovered this blog site too late! I would have loved to run around Lake Suwa. Anyway, keep up the good work.

  2. Not sure if you get notification when someone posts here and can reply. I am interested in running in the Half Marathon event, since I am not Japanese I am having real difficulty finding information about registration for this race, if you know anything about when it will be held in 2011 can you let me know. I visited the are some time ago and would really love a chance to run a race there.

  3. Hello Dima,
    Suwa marathon seems to be held on the fourth Sunday of October every year.
    This year 2010, it will be held tomorrow (24th). The registration term was June 1st to 7th by Internet or post office this year.
    There is only Japanese website (I think major marathon websites have to have English pages).
    I will check the registration info and e-mail you before June next year.

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