Happy Girls Day + Hina Doll Info for Northern Nagano

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March 3rd was ‘Hina Matsuri’ day.  So, Happy Girls Day to all you young (and young at heart) ladies out there. Here is our daughter Misaki posing with our Hina Dolls. I’d like to take this opportunity to pass on some information about a few of the area’s many Hina Doll related events.
‘Burari’ Northern Nagano Hina Tour
This is an event involving various Hina Doll displays along the Nagano Dentetsu Railway from Yashiro Station to Yudanaka Station. Besides a ‘stamp rally’, the event features a travelling ‘relay’ display of new dolls by local popular doll artist Mayumi Takahashi. Relay dates and locations are as below:

1. Matsushiro Town
3/03-3/09 Matsushiro Machi Aruki Center
Original Hina Dolls made of local Matsushiro-yaki pottery will be featured.

2. Suzaka City
3/10-3/16 Kura-no-machi Kankou Koryu Center
To be held in conjunction with the Hina Doll Festival at Tanaka Honke Museum.

3. Yamanouchi Town
3/17-3/21 Kaede no Kan

4. Chikuma City
3/22-3/25 Yashiro Station ‘Welcome Station’
Also on display will be Hina Dolls made out of ‘haniwa nendo’, a local clay. One day during the event, participants will be able to make their own clay dolls. Contact the Welcome Station for more info: tel(026)272-3223.

5. Obuse Town
3/26-3/30 Kurian Fumido

6. Nakano City
3/31-4/03 Nakano Jinya & Kencho Memorial Hall
Don’t miss the ‘Hina Ichi (Market)’ festival. It takes place every year on March 31st and April 1st, and features clay dolls painted by local artists in a tradition that has been handed down over hundreds of years. People come from all over the country to add to their tsuchi-bina (clay doll) collections.

Finally, one more local Hina Doll event:
6th Annual Sakaki Kobina Festival
2011 Dates: 2/19-3/19
Features historical Hina Dolls displayed in the Sakakijuku Furusato History Hall, Tel(0268)82-4193.

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  1. Hello again, Misaki-chan and the dolls! I love hina dolls, and yet, this year have been too occupied with other things to welcome my own dolls out to the living room,alas! My present excuse is; since here in Nagano area, Hina festival is often held at 3 rd April, maybe due to late coming of the Spring, I am allowed to take out my dolls if by the 3 rd April!

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