Hakuba Ski Event With Kijima Taiko Drum by Kids

March 15th, 2012 by
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Februray 13, I visited Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort to join an event “international students ski experience tour”.

Hakuba Goryu and 47 Snow Resort is one of the most popular ski resorts among foreigners in Japan. You can enjoy skiing and snowboarding even at night.

This year, northean Nagano has plenty of snow. Snow falls 2 or 3 meters high and people in those areas are struggling with removing the snow from their rooves and roads.

At the event, I was much impressed with Kijima Taiko Drum performance.

The Kijima Taiko is a taiko performande circle in a small village Kijima Daira Mura. Performaers are only 6-15 years old kids and they have a strict rule that members have to “graduate” when they graduate from their high schools.

But, the performance is professional level. They have won the championship in Japanese Taiko contests many times and have held world performance stages. They have fans especially in US.

Really cool!!

In Nagano, there are many taiko permance circles and you can listen to them in some taiko festivals like Matsumoto Castle and Okaya. But, the Kijima Taiko is unique because performars are only kids and their skills are professional level.

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