First Digital-Kakejiku Projection on Matsumoto Castle with Taiko Drum Festival

July 24th, 2013 by
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Taiko Drum Festival at Matsumoto Castle will be held this weekend, July 27 & 28.

It is an annual event popular among foreigners, but this year, it will be very special!

Because the world-renowned Digital-Kakejiku (D-K) will be also projected on the Matsumoto Castle at the first time, on July 26th (eve of the Taiko Drum Festival) & 27th (just after the Festival).

D-K is an unique live art project by Akira Hasegawa and has been projected on many famous architectures and gardens not only in Japan but also in the world, such as The Acropolis in Athens, Salzburg Cathedral, Yu Garden in Shanghai. Akira Hasegawa says, “D-K is an art seen with the mirror of the mind though there is physically a limit in D-K of the seen space.” and it is realization of the soul of Zen meditation culture.
Refer to D-K English official site, D-K Facebook page, and this movie of D-K on another castle,

Time: 26th – before sunset (about 18:30) to 21:00
         27th – after Taiko Drum Festival (about 20:30) to 22:00
Place: On the south wall and moat of the Catle (this year, Taiko Drum Festival will be held inside the Castle Park)
Fee: free
Contact: 0261-23-1361 (Mr. Ogida)
It will be held even if it rains.

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  1. D-K is a show projected by many large projectors (this time, six). I think Akira Hasegawa designs the show using computers. I want to suggest Zenkoji to hold the D-K live event, too.

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