Cherries have started to bloom as usual years

April 16th, 2011 by
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Cherry blossoms (sakura) have started to bloom at Matsumoto (Matsumoto Castle) and Ueda (Ueda Castle Remains) on April 11th, at the famous Takato Castle Site on April 15th.

It Matsumoto, now 50% of blossoms are blooming and will be in full bloom a few days later (17-20th), probably.

The nighttime cherry blossom viewing event is now held till 21th. The classical gagaku music will not be perfomed and the castle park is lit up at night only 7-9pm (normal year, 6-10pm) this year because of the earthquake, but other events such as Japanese tea ceremony in the garden will be held as usual.

You can browse it on Cherry Blossom Live Camera page this year, too.

This year, cherries have been waited and expected to encourage Japanese people suffered by 3.11 huge earthquake and tsunami.

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