All Kinds of Craftwork Gathered in Craft Town Matsumoto

June 15th, 2014 by
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Matsumoto, in the center of Nagano Prefecture, is now getting more popular by Matsumoto Castle, oldest in Japan, with beautiful mountain views. But, it is also famous for “Craft Town” among many Japanese.

Not only folk handicraft makers, shops and the Matsumoto Folkcraft Museum, now some popular craftspersons escaped from urban life and live in Matsumoto and the neighbor town Hotaka, Azumino. You can see and buy such craftworks and “Matsumoto furniture” in some shops in Nakamachi Street.

Once in every year, during the last weekend of May, “Craft Fair Matsumoto“, which is the biggest and oldest craft fair in Japan, is held in beautiful park “Agatanomori”.

300 craft artists selected among 1000+ applicants from all over Japan exhibit and sell all kind of their craft products including lacquer ware, pottery, silk, wood, dyeing, etc.

Here are photos of this year’s Craft Fair;

Lacquer ware used for miso soup and other Japanese dishes

Traditional “Mastumoto broom” handmade from special grass, now popular in Japan because it is ecological and tasteful

Demonstration of silk weaving (you can experience it freely)

Silkworms you can touch!

Wooden chopsticks and spoons made from various kinds of tree

Clocks even hands of which are made from wood

Metal kanji characters

Clothes dyed by natural materials

Ceramics craft

It's a small world (really tiny craft works)

Kitchen knives and frying pans

Tableware some of which are small chair shape

Leather shoes


Village blacksmiths' booth is popular every year

Fashionable hats

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  1. Andy-san,
    thank you for sharing many of your photos. I have always been interested in visiting this famous fair, but so far been unable to. Looks like there are a huge variety of crafts!

  2. Mariko-san, yes, a huge variety of crafts and huge number of visitors. But it worth looking around. Come next year!

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