A 10,000-person ‘Kanpai’ with Nagano Sake

September 3rd, 2011 by
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Nagano Prefecture’s sake brewers and sake shop owners have created ‘Jyowakai’ to promote the great sake made here in Nagano. They are planning a huge event called:

‘Kanpai’ Fes 2011
On 15-Sept (Thurs) at exactly 6:30pm, an estimated 10,000 people from throughout the prefecture will make a toast with Nagano sake.

We at Kamesei Ryokan are also registered to participate. We proudly serve our town’s local sake, Obasute Masamune, and will be joining our guests in the ‘kanpai’ to honor Nagano sake.  Even if you’re not in Nagano, pick up a glass of Nagano sake and join in the ‘Cheers!’

I recently had an opportunity to meet some of the Jyowakai members and was impressed with their enthusiasm. Visit their website to find out more about the group.

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