Late night transportation after fire festival

January 11th, 2019

Will the public transportation for nozawa onsen back to nagano city continue after the fire festival? If not, what are the best options for getting back to nagano city after the fire festival?

Driving in early-March

January 7th, 2019

Hello, i‘m thinking about driving in early-March. It’s my first drive in Japan. Here are my routes!

1) from Lake Kawaguchi to Matsumoto

2)From Matsumoto to Shibu Onsen.

3) From Shibu Onsen to Karuizawa and back to Tokyo.

Is it possible to drive? Do they have any snow? Any suggest for driving?




When Shiga Kogen road will open in 2019?

January 7th, 2019

 Hello,I have a question about traveling between Nagano City to Kusatsu in April

Can I drive a car from Nagano to Kustasu by using Shiga Kogen road on April 16th 2019?

Would the road be opened by then?

Thank you.

Nagano trip

January 7th, 2019


Hello there,

I am planning to go to nagano in the end of Jan.

I would like to spend one day for the onsen monkey garden and 善光寺. And another day is for ski in the 白馬村 area.

Is there any good deal transportation pass for those two days? And also could you recommend resort for ski in白馬村, it will be great with cheaper price.

Thank you and looking for your reply

Best regards,



Ski Pass for use across multiple resorts

December 6th, 2018

Hi Blair 
Is there a Ski pass or season ticket that we can purchase for use at multiple resorts such as:
Akakura Onsen
Myoko Kogen 
Shiga Kogen
Nozawa Onsen

Further, is it better to buy as a family or just as individual purchases?

Ski Camps for Teenagers (aged 13 to 17)

November 26th, 2018

Hi Blair
We are coming across to stay in Kurohime, Nagano in Mid December to stay until mid January 2019.

Our teenagers want to learn to snowboard, so please let me know if:
1) snow schools/camps exist for teenagers (aged 13 to 17) in Nagano?
2) if no snow schools exist, are there any Japanese Language Schools that incorporate snowboarding?
3) Is there anything else we should consider (basketball/tennis camps? etc).

Our son & daughter are very fit & would learn a lot from locals (& hopefully contribute as well).

We come across to Nagano several times a year, so we would like to get our kids involved in local activities (if possible & available).

Skiing around Nagano at the end of December

November 22nd, 2018

Dear sir,

I am

planning to visit Nagano at the end of December, 28-31, I might wonna try to ski in Shiga Kogen, Hakuba and Myoko, can you raccomend me a ski rental in Nagano city so I can rent it for 3 days or should I rent every day in a different resort? 

Could you also raccomend something else to visit?

thanks a lot


Car rental in Nagano

November 12th, 2018

Hi, I\’m taking the train from NRT to Nagano on the 23rd of November. Looking for a moderate priced rental car. ) I rented and drove to Mt Fuji last month.) I have business in Hakuba, and want to be mobile. Also, recommendation for a fun place to stay in Nagano, walking distance to the temple, restaurants etc.

Lastly , Thinking of driving to Shibu Onsen on Sunday? Worth spending a few days there vs Nagano?

Thanks -so much

Driving to Shirakwago

November 5th, 2018

Is it feasible to drive from Nagano to Shirakawago in mid-January?  I would prefer to have the flexibility, but I have limited experience driving in snow.

Kamikochi access on 6 Nov 2018

October 25th, 2018


I am planning a day trip to Kamikochi from Nagano on 6 Nov 2018. However I read that there are no bus services towards Kamikochi after 5 Nov. Are there any other ways to get there?