Opening season to hike to Happy Pond

April 16th, 2019

Dear Sir / Mdm,

I read in different weather indicating the opening date for hiking at Happo Pond start is Mid/Late May. Please advise whether the opening schedule for 2019 has been fixed? I’m targeting to reach Hakube on 24 May and wondering whether there is a chance for me to view the mirror pond.

Please advise.




Local travel agency for custom itinerary

April 15th, 2019

I will be spending roughly two weeks with my Japanese wife and two kids (6 & 9) in the area in the first part of October. The plan is to arrive from Tokyo in Matsumoto, rent a car there, and then travel through the Nagano, Gifu, Ishikawa, Toyama and maybe Fukui prefectures.

We were wondering about local travel agencies that would help us with the itinerary – as a service, not for free of course. We want to avoid simply looking at things and the scenery but rather actively experience the region. Take part and engage in activities, that’s what we are after, particularly for the kids. Memories are much more memorable if they are more than just pictures in your mind.

Skiing in December

April 8th, 2019



We are planning to ski from Christmas Eve and would like to ask the best place for snow during this time in Nagano that has 


-Ski in / out accommodations and ideally western serviced apartments / chalets vs hotels as we may want to do some cooking.

-availability of English speaking ski and board lessons




Luggage storage at Takato Station or Inashi Station

April 5th, 2019


I am planning to visit Takato Castle Ruins Park from Nagoya by bus. The Bus from Nagoya will be stop at Inashi Station and then I am going to take a bus to Takato Station.

Is there any luggage storage at Inashi Station or Takato Station?

Thank you in advance for your answer!

Skiing in December

April 4th, 2019

Hi, we are planning a skiing trip to Nagano in December this year. Is Dec 16 a safe enough date for us to have some snow for skiing by then?


Itinerary advise – Nagano with kids in June

April 1st, 2019

Hi, may I know which areas that I should visit in Nagano and what are the recommended places or attractions during my trips with my family (with 2 girls 14 and 9 years). Unfortunately, my eldest daughter cannot ride a bicycle. 

Is it a raining season at the first and second week of June?

Thank you and best regards,


Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

March 25th, 2019


I am reaching Japan on 19th April and will be going to Kyoto to 20th morning. I plan to leave Kyoto on 20th evening and would like to reach a place close to the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. I have done some research and found that Nagano and Toyamo are the places from which I can start the Alpine Route. I have few questions as I have to book my accommodation in any of these areas:

1) I read that there will be some time restrictions if I start alpine route from Toyama as the last Alpico express bus leaves Ogizawa at 4:30 but when I checked it on Alpico’s website, it shows a bus departing at 6 PM also. I just wanted to check if there are actually any issues in starting the route from Toyama?

2) How much time will it take to reach from Kyoto to Nagano and where should I stay in Nagano?

3) At what time should I start from Nagano/Toyama so that I get enough time to spend on the route?

4) What all are the major sightseeing points on the routes and what is the expected time that one should spend at these points? I am only aware of the Kurobe Dam and the Snow fall..Are there some short hikes/trails that can also be covered in the day trip?

5) Is it possible to do this as a day trip from Tokyo and if yes, at what time should one leave Tokyo?

6) Is there a luggage forwarding service available in Kyoto/Nagano/Toyama from where I can send my luggage to Tokyo so that I can collect it next day?

I request someone to please guide me so that I can plan my trip accordingly.



Does Sora Terrace open on 13 April 2019

March 19th, 2019

I will be visiting Shibu Onsen on 13 and 14 April 2019. I\\\’m thinking to visit Sora Terrace on 13, hoping to see sunset. However I found there is no bus and cable car schedule on the month of April. Does Sora Terrace open on April? 

The buses to kamikochi

March 19th, 2019

I’ve heard Kamikochi will be opened on 17th April, so will the buses from Matsumoto to Kamikochi be run on 17th April . If it run, could I have a timetable,please? 🙂

Luggage Service

March 18th, 2019

Hi, i want asking some question :

  1. I’m planning to go from Kyoto to Toyama station, can i send my luggage from Toyama station to Nagano station using any services available ?
  2. How much is the fare ?
  3. Can u explain a bit more bout the time service, somehow i read on some website the last drop off time is at 9.30 am, what if i’m arrived at toyama station around 10 am

Thx for your help, i really appreciate it

Best Regards,