Hakuba Skiing

November 3rd, 2017

Hi, I will be visiting to Hakuba from 26th Dec to 28th Dec 2017 for Skiing, We are group of 5 people and all are beginners. Currently we are taking some skiing lessons and hopefully when We reach to Hakuba we’ll know abit. Please can you recommend me which slope in Hakuba is best suitable for Beginners? http://www.happo-one.jp/english/plan/ticket.html http://www.happo-one.jp/english/plan/coupon.html I found the above 2 links and not sure to get which pass. Most likely we will only got 1 day skiing. Night skiing is not sure yet too. Depend on how tired we will be during day time skiing. Please can you recommend me which pass is suitable for us? Thanks

Things to do in Nagano

October 25th, 2017

We will be visiting to Nagano on 28th Dec 2017 from Hakuba. We will spend a day there and will head to Kanazawa in the evening. Our plan is to visit Zenkoji temple and Snow Monkey park but we had been to Snow Monkey Park before and my wife doesn’t want to go there again. Is there any other activity or location that we can go instead of Snow Monkey Park within 1 day?

Hakuba in late November

October 25th, 2017

I plan to Nagano on 22 – 24 Nov 2017 and I interest in Happo pond at Hakuba, but I\’m not sure can access to this place on this period and the lift open normally ? If it already close would you recommend me to other place like this , thanks.

8 days around Chubu Itinerary Suggestions

October 19th, 2017

Hello, guys! I\’ll be flying in Nagoya on the first week of December.Here\’s a rough draft of my itinerary— Dec 2Arrival in NagoyaDec 3Will briefly explore Nagoya before heading to TakayamaSpend the night in Takayama (or not)Dec 4Takayama to Shirakawa-goCheck out and head to Shin-Hotake Ropeway?Dec 5Head to Nagano City (as base)Explore nearby towns around Nagano(Chino City, Lake Suwa)Dec 6Still in Nagano exploring nearby townsGo ski-ing somewhere northDec 7Head to MatsumotoExplore MatsumotoDecember 8Explore Matsumoto or go to Fuji Lake or anywhere near mount FujiMaybe Kiso Valley/Nagasendo trailDecember 9I don\’t know yet.December 10Fly out from Nagoya. Like I said, this is only a rough draft of 9-day itinerary. I would love to hear your comments, suggestions, and what not. Especially when it comes to transport. I have stumbled upon bus and train passes that cover the areas I have mentioned above but I couldn\’t decide on which to book. Also, if you have a different approach/itinerary to cover the abovementioned areas, I would as well love to consider it. I haven\’t mentioned places like Kamikochi, Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route, Big Cedar trees area, etc because they are going to be closed during my abovementioned travel dates (December 2-10). 🙁 anyway, I would love to hear from you guys. Cheers!

Nagano early Nov.

October 17th, 2017

Hello, i plan to visit Nagano on Nov 4-7 then go Takaragawa onsen and Nikko later.  My 9 days trip mission is visit nice place for Autumn leaves.  Understand, may my trip a bit late for Nagano high area. I will travel around by rental car and plan to stay Ueda with Matsumto area.  Pls could you suggest me for the good natural area to visit on my trip.  Thank you very much for your kind support..

Fruit Picking in mid-November

October 16th, 2017

Good day.   I am considering arranging a fruit-picking experience for my family trip in mid-November this year.  Members are all adults. I would like to ask a few questions. First of all, I would like to check if fruit-picking is available at the time we visit Nagano (around 17 November)?  And is it apple the only fruit available at that time? Because of the plan of my trip, I am focusing on places along the Kita-Shinano Line.  I understand that Toyono is a famous place for Nagano apples.  I have checked on the website and found there are a lot of farms nearby.  May I have your advice on some suggestions which are not too far away from Toyono Station, or others along the Kita-Shinano Line? Thank you very much for your advice.

Day to to Hakuba from Nagano

October 3rd, 2017

Hi, We will be in Nagano mid December and planning to make a 1/2 day trip to Hakuba (around the train station and Olympic Ski jump arena) and stopover at Matsumoto (Would like to visit the Castle). Can we use our JR pass for the trains from Nagano to Matsumoto and Hakuba? How frequent is the train as we hope to visit these 2 places in a day. Hope that you can advice me a possible itinerary as if we were to leave Nagano station at 7:00 am  and return to Nagano by 8:00 pm Thanks and regards, Peter 

Nagano in November

September 26th, 2017

Hi, Will be visiting Matsumoto Castle on 22 Nov upon arrival in Tokyo. Have booked 2 nights in Nagano. Will be visiting either Chikuma or Beesho Onsen on 23 Nov in the day before returning to Nagano to watch the fireworks at night. Between Chikuma or Beesho Onsen, which would you recommend if I want to enjoy nature – short hiking and scenery and easy access? I am also open to other nearby places and amend my hotel booking to spend the first night elsewhere. Please also recommend a good place to watch the fireworks. Thanks!    

Route from Kusatsu to Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park

September 26th, 2017

Hi,  We plan to visit Japan in February 2018 and will be visiting Jigokudani Wild Monkey Park on 13 February 2018. We are staying in Kusatsu Onsen the previous night and would like to find out the best route to drive to the park. The shortest route by Google Map is R292 which is 46km distance, however I read online that R292 is close during winter. Does anyone have drove from Kusatsu Onsen to Jigokudani Wild Mokey Park during winter before? Are there any suggested route as I am unable to find out what’s the scope of the road closure.  https://www.kusatsu-onsen.ne.jp.e.uh.hp.transer.com/access/koutuu.php   Thanks, Jin

Itinerary Check

September 19th, 2017

Hi Nagano PR 🙂 ,   We planned to spend 3 nights in Nagano region I will be arriving at haneda around 4:30-5:30pm , do you think its possible to take train straight to shibu onsen  if its to tiring we will be staying in Nagano city ? Is Any reccomendation for good hotel in Nagano city ?  then we will spend 2nd night in Shibu Onsen, any other reccomendation place near area to with good onsen for the third night ?  Thanks, JK