June 3rd, 2019

Hi below are my questions

  1. what is the best way to travel from Narita airport to Matsumoto?  We have 2 big and 1 small luggages.
  2. Is it better to drive or take the public transport in Matsumoto? We plan to go wasabi farm and the snow wall.
  3. how do we go to the Alpine route from Matsumoto ?
  4. Is it better to buy the JR pass?

Thank you.

Kiso Valley in Winter

May 15th, 2019

Hello. We are thinking of walking from Magome to Tsumago in early January. We would stay overnight in Nagoya or Nakatsugawa (near train station if possible) and then do walk and then head off to Nagano. The other option would be a day trip from Nagoya or possibly Nagano. Is the walk in winter difficult? It it in fact possible to do a day trip from Nagano. Thankyou for your help.

Utsukushigahara Kogen (美ヶ原高原)

May 13th, 2019

Hello, I have a few questions:

1. If I want to go to 美ヶ原高原 by bus, I saw that there are only 4 summer-season buses running every day. I can only make it to the one at 13:15 but not the 8:15 one. In that case, I can only stay in 美ヶ原高原 for 2 hours in order to catch the last bus back to matsumoto station. I would like to know is it possible to see 王頭,王鼻 and the art museum in within the 2 hours? How long will the whole hiking take?

2. For the Nagano びんずる Festival, where exactly will it take place and till how late at night will it last? 

3. For the Sora Terrace, so I have to book the shuttle bus or do I just wait at the station? Is there anyway to check whether there will be cloud sea before going there?

4. Is there any live camera on 美ヶ原高原 for me to check the weather and visibility before going there?

5. Other than the post office of 善光寺, are there other post offices which have special chop? Do I have to tell the staff if I want the special chop or will they automatically use the special chop if I send postcard from that post office?


Thank you so much for your help.

Senjojiki or Cherry Blossom on May 13

May 7th, 2019

Hello, I am going to Nagano and Matsumoto on May 13-15.  Is it good to go to Senjojiki and stay overnight at Senjojiki hotel or should I go to Omachi to see cherry blossom?

Visiting Kozenji Temple

May 7th, 2019

What station of the Komagane Ropeway Bus do I exit to visit Kozenji temple?  Do I have to pay extra fee to get back on the bus after visiting the temple to go on to the Ropeway station?


May 7th, 2019


i m thinking of doing a 1 day trip to Kamikochi on 22 Oct 2019. i need your advice as below:

1) i plan to take a night bus from Shinjuku station on 21 Oct then back to Shinjuku station on 22 Oct evening bus. it is possible to do that?

2) if yes could you please recommend a website that i could purchase the bus ticket and the price?

3) is there any trekking map available for Taisho Pond to Myojin Pond? or is there any sign broad along that the trekking path? 

4) is there any luggage storage facility in Kamokochi? if yes, can it store 28 inch suitcase?




April 26th, 2019

Hi.  I am going to Nagano for a day trip on April 30.  I will be taking the JR Hokuriku Shinkansen from Tokyo.  My places of interest are the Snow Monkey Park, Zenkoji Temple, Matsumoto Castle and Kamikochi.  May I know what the best route is for this itinerary?  From Nagano Station, do we go to Zenkoji Temple first then to the Snow Monkey Park and so on?  I\’d appreciate your help.  Thanks,

Nagano Cherry Blossom Late April 2019 possible?

April 22nd, 2019

Hi, I’m looking for information regarding viewing cherry blossom in  Nagano.

So, we will be in Nagano area from 25th-29th April for Matsumoto (overnight in Shinano- Omachi), Tateyama and Shirakawago. Any clue/suggestions if we have a chance to see the cherry blossom?

Multiple website has multiple information, hence the confusion regarding the blooming time.

Thank you so much!