Karuizawa in early September

July 7th, 2016

Hi! I have a few questions, hope you can answer them : 1 – Is it worth going to Karuizawa during early September ( around 9th September)? 2 – I\’m planning on visiting Hoshino onsen (will try out the day soak onsen), Kyu – Karuizawa and the shopping outlet, do you think 4hrs is enough? 3 – Do all the shops in Kyu-Karuizawa and Hoshino Onsen open in 9th September? Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

Visit Kamikochi in late November

July 5th, 2016

Hi We are visiting Nagano in late Nov and  would like to visit Kamikochi.  However, I understand that it will be closed on 15 Nov for winter.  We are not planning to hike but to walk around Kamikochi.  Could you advise if it is still possible to visit Kamikochi on late Nov 2016? Thanks   Regards Eileen  

Miyota dragon festival 御代田町龍神まつり 2016

June 27th, 2016

Hello! I\\\’ve heard a lot about the Miyota dragon festival, including wrong dates. As I\\\’m living and working nearby, and I can\\\’t find the information even in japanese, I\\\’d like to know when this festival will be held this year. Thanks 🙂

Traditional music classes in Nagano prefecture

June 27th, 2016

Hello! I’d like to know if anyone has information about taking music lessons for traditional japanese instruments like shamisen, koto or taiko (especially taiko actually), more precisely around eastern Nagano area, for adults. Thanks 🙂

luggage storage at kamikochi

June 9th, 2016

HI, May I know which bus should I take to visit Kamikochi from Shinjuku as I will be travelling onward thereafter to Takayama ? Thxs Tessa

Traveling in Nagano region

May 25th, 2016

3 of us are coming to this area in October – coming from Kyoto and returning to Tokyo after about 10 days.  I am trying to work out the best means of transport – a JR pass or just taking train to Nagano (or Matsumoto) and hiring a car from there for the duration.  Do the JR trains cover this area well?  We are thinking of doing some of the walking around the Post towns (Nakasendo trail).  Would like some advice!

Awesome ticket!! 信州・飛騨アルプスワイドフリーパスポート 新穂高ロープウェイ往復乗車券付

May 25th, 2016

Hello again Thanks for the answer before. It helped me a lot. I’m really fascinated by the 4-day ticket you showed me. It’s such a great deal! But what happens when the weather is bad? If the ropeway closes because it’s too windy or it’s being repaired, can I ask for refunds?? I’m visiting in August. The weather is usually nice and cool in the mountains during August, right? I heard that sometimes I need to draw a boarding-order ticket before getting on the bus, and sometimes I don’t.@@ When do I need to do that, and where can I get the so called “乘車整理券”? Thanks 😀 ~Maggie


May 24th, 2016

Hello, I’m traveling from 松本 >上高地 >平湯溫泉 >乘鞍高原 >平湯溫泉 >新穗高溫泉 >高山,do you think I should buy all the tickets at 松本 station, or to buy one at a time? And are there more than one bus company in the area? Is there a price difference? I saw on this website below that shows buses going from平湯溫泉to新穗高溫泉,新穗高ropeway. http://www.nouhibus.co.jp/ Umm…I thought “新穗高溫泉”&”新穗高ropeway” are suppose to be the same place… Can you give me a little introduction so I can have a better picture of where I’m heading? Thanks for your help! ~Maggie