Gomyoukan @ Zenkoji

March 30th, 2009 by
Category: Cuisine, Culture Art

d1000064After a recent appointment with the monks at Zenkoji, I had lunch at a historical restaurant just outside of the Sanmon gate. The restaurant is called Gomyoukan, and apparently originally provided lodging for travellers to the temple. The place had caught my eye before, with its classic exterior, full of character. Today, upon entering, I looked up and noticed “1776” written above the main door. This restaurant’s history is as long as that of my country, the United States! The owner was cool, the interior was cool, the food preparation was cool, and they even had a cool microbrew. (Oh how I wish I could have had one!)
I would say Gomyoukan is a legitimate lunch alternative to all of the soba shops around Zenkoji.

d1000063 d1000065
By the way, the reason I had to go to Zenkoji was I am on the planning committee for this year’s “Pulled by an Ox to Zenkoji” walk, our annual event involving a 30km walk from Togura Kamiyamada Onsen to Zenkoji. This year it will take place on 06-May (Wed.) Care to join?

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