Bonsai expert in Nagano

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Just on the outskirts of Nagano city, in the city named Suzaka is this Bonsai shop.
It looks nothing more than an ordinary Bonsai place
we have here and there in Nagano or in Japan.
But!… The owner of this Bonsai shop is something special.
She is the only female Bonsai art teacher certified by the Japan Bonsai Association.

Ms Chiyako Yamamoto is a vivacious woman like her works.
Her family has raised Bonsai for more than 100 years and she is the fourth generation.
This is a page from a Bonsai book.
This is her work that won the first award in the Bonsai contest in Japan.

If you find Bonsai too expensive or somewhat too much, try this!
It is the combination of young cheaper Bonsai trees with some other objects.
My photos are not good, but they are actually much better and lovely.
Here is a quiz from her:
You see three tiny Bonsai trees in pots in the photo above.
They are all the same kind of tree, pine, but their sizes differ a little
as well as the sizes of their pots.
One of the following photos shows the process
how young trees are grown into bonsai by skillful bonsai artists.
Which do you think is the proper order?


Answer: B ( bonsai trees are meant to be grown smaller!)

It is fall now in Nagano, and the harvest season is coming soon!
I saw a nice old couple working on a vegetable field.
Apples grow and grow — still literally green!
Rice is almost ready to be harvested.
You can see the roofs of M-WAVE, the speed skating arena from the 1998 Nagano Olympics.
Crape myrtles in their full bloom!

Update: The Shouzan-en Bonsai Garden has created their own English webpage! For more information, please see their website:

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