Newly Opened Macrobiotic Cafe in Matsumoto

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In Japan, vegetarian tourists might face difficultly in finding resaurants which have vegetarian menus.

Now, Matsumoto has two perfect places for vegetarians, macrobiotic&organic fans, and any people who want to eat healthy and tasty dishes.

A macrobiotic cafe “Hitsuki” has opened at the east end of Nakamachi Street in November.
They serve their original bread made from brown rice porridge. They never use yeast, but the “bread” is really bread.


I ate the cutlet veggieburger made of soybeans and the taste was really pork. If I were told it was made of pork, I would have believed without doubt. Amazing cooking skills!
Their policy is “tasty macrobiotic”.
They never use animal protein and even their soup stock is made of vegetables.
Their sister restaurant “Gen” exists on the crossing near Matsumoto Museum of Art. Gen serves brown rice, not bread.

If you don’t know macrobiotic, please browse Wikipedia or somewhere else. The Japanese Wikipedia says the philosophy of macrobiotic was invented in Japan before World War II and has been getting popular in Western countries. Steve Jobs believed it too much and died of cancer because he didn’t accept normal remedies in the hospital. Check out this web page in "Matsumoto Welcomes You!" for hours and close days, this Google Map for the location.

Whole-rice gruel bread set (850 yen)

Plane whole-rice gruel bread set (850 yen)

You can take out these perfectly organic bread and cookies

You can take out these perfectly organic bread and cookies

4 Responses to “Newly Opened Macrobiotic Cafe in Matsumoto

  1. Hi,
    You are absolutely right. It’s so hard to find a true vegetarian menus in Japan. Shojin meals are to expensive too! Thank you the post. It’s very helpful when I visit Japan next time.

  2. Kyoko-san,
    Yes, so far, there is another macrobiotic (maybe vegetarian menu) restaurant in Matsumoto ‘Hikariya’, but it is fancy and expensive. I am glad true macrobiotic casual cafe and restaurant are in Matsumoto now.

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