Karuizawa’s best icecream shop!!

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Perhaps, you have heard the name of this shop. This is absolutely famous throughout people who are living in Karuizawa.

MIKADO Coffee is establised as the coffee roaster in Nihonbashi, Tokyo in 1948, and they opened 1st branch of the coffee shop in the Ginza-dori (the old Karuizawa Street) in 1952.

Today, there are 3 branches in Karuizawa area.

MIKADO Coffee shop in Karuizawa Ginza-dori

I’m not a coffee lover so that it is hardly judged their coffee as good or bad. However, they use special coffee beans with special methods, so it must be nice!!! They have the coffee roasting factory in Misato-city, Saitama-prefecture and fresh coffee beans are delivering from the factory to the coffee shops directly. (for further information http://mikado-coffee.com/)

It is certain that you can enjoy their coffee, but also there is one more reason that they becomes such a gfamous shop!!


Mocha Soft®

I love the Haagen Dazs and the 31 Icecream…..but the MIKADO coffee’s mocha soft® (soft served icecream) is absolutely beautiful!!!! It has rich, lovely mocha flavor, and you can enjoy mixture of sweet and bitter. I guess it is kind of an icecream for adults. It has been popular among all age groups-people for about 40 years.
I know why this soft ice-cream is so popular and delicious because Mikado Coffee uses only for special coffee beans for it.


Mocha Soft and the Karuizawa Ginza-dori

You can have this mocha soft® at any MIKADO coffee’s shops in Karuizawa. 3 shops are located at the Ginza-dori, the Prince Shopping Plaza, and TSURUYA shopping centre. I really reccomend you to have a try!

And if you do so, please let me hear your comments!!

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