Paige Norris
Place of Residence
Nagano City
Coordinator for International Relations
Contribution to Inbound
Working with Nagano City Hall, the Nagano City Convention Bureau, the NINJA (Nagano Inbound to Japan) Project, and Shokutabi Nagano. Also providing English translations.

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Hello everyone, thank you for visiting Nagano Prefecture’s blog page! I have lived in Nagano City for a little over 2 years and Japan for a total of 5.5 years. I first came to Japan as an exchange student from the U.S. I have found that Nagano offers numerous attractions for both residents and travelers, and I enjoy sharing my own experiences in the mountainous Shinshu Region with the world. There is plenty to see and do in both the urban and rural areas all year round, and there are still many places I hope to explore. Just a few of the things I do here in Nagano include playing taiko, snowboarding, travelling to different hot springs, and trying local cuisine. I hope you have an opportunity to experience life in Nagano for yourself!