Mariko Endo
Place of Residence
Kawagami Village
a farmer & tour guide
Contribution to Inbound
tour guide in Nagano and other places in Japan

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Hello, my name is Mariko Endo.
I am a farmer in the eastern edge of Nagano prefecture.
I also am a tour guide to English speaking visitors to Japan during non-farming seasons.
I have lived and farmed here ever since I married a local farmer 25 years ago. (My! I have never really counted the years, and now I realize how far I have come.)
I was busy farming and raising the children, but after I got a license for tour guiding in English in 2006, I became more and more fascinated with Japanese history and culture. And I found a love for Nagano, my 25 year hometown.
So I would like to share my excitement in everyday rural life through this blog with people all over the world.
I very much hope that someone will find it interesting. Thank you.