Place of Residence
Momiji Lodges
Contribution to Inbound
Providing accomodation facilities (lodge / minshuku) close to The Kurobe Alpine Route and Takase hiking /trekking and Hakuba skiing areas, as well as promoting travel in Nagano.

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Unlike most expats here I did not study Japan / Japanese at all at school or university – Japan was never on my horizon, until, by chance, after having traveled to many other parts of the World in the past, most often to disappointment, I unexpectedly discovered what a magnificent place Japan is – having met my lovely wife Machiko (from Tokyo) on holiday in Australia in 2004 and then subsequently traveling to Japan annually, and gradually realizing with each new experience, what I now firmly believe to be the case – that Japan is the best country in the World – indeed even a role model for the rest.

During our annual travels back to Japan we explored 30 of Japan’s 47 Prefectures. To be sure there are many other wonderful parts of Japan warranting consideration, but we concluded Nagano Prefecture to be the best total experience – primarily the epic natural landscapes of the Japan Alps and National Parks, including some of the World’s best ski regions and the clean fresh alpine air and water – a perfect natural location all overlaid upon the truly admirable Japanese cultural traits aspiring to social cohesion and harmony, in a way that no other country seems able to match. And of course, the superb cuisine, with many fine chefs’ culinary talents leveraging the high quality local produce.

And so after 5 years living in Australia, we departed there in 2013 to embark on a new chapter of our lives together and settle here in our alpine paradise of Omachi. We have established a niche accommodation service embedded here at the base of the Northern Alps (aka “The Roof of Japan”) affording excellent access to the prime hiking region of the Japanese Alps and The Alpine Route – our aim is to enable other like minded travelers from around the World to discover this magnificent region, and thereby add to the local economy. Now that much of the groundwork is done and a little more time is on the cards, I can finally turn some attention to studying Japanese language – as I wish now I had done when younger – if only I had known I would be so lucky as to end up living in the best place in the World – Nagano, Japan.