Jason Holt
Place of Residence
Nozawa Onsen Village
Slow Life, Slow Food Ambassador
Contribution to Inbound
Creative projects focused on bringing more people to Nagano

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I grew up in the middle of the Rocky Mountains in Utah, USA, a similar environment to my current home Nozawa Onsen but at higher altitude. I have always had an interest in Eastern thought and culture from early school days, and was given a chance to experience the East in Okinawa as a church volunteer after high school. Coming back to university with some language experience, I took it further to major in Japanese Language and Asian Studies undergraduate work and then went on to various jobs in translation, tourism, and came back to Japan by way of China and Hawaii graduate school.

Working in Tokyo as a Japan equity analyst and then project and investment manager in the real estate sector putting together blocks of apartments and later listing on the Tokyo Exchange. Having some success under my belt, I started up my current company EastEdge Partners focusing on bringing the best of Japan hospitality into new creative concepts and products, building and rebuilding community and thereafter managing with a flair of creativity and sustainability. We found in our research of Japan that Nagano (Shinshu) was an area where so many real unique Japan experiences, most very well unknown, exist within easy reach of inbound guests, that it became a major strategic focus.

I had been pulled into the over-work lifestyle of Tokyo and after 10 years and three kids with my lovely wife Natsuko from Yokohama, we decided it was not the place to raise a family and we moved last year to this quintessential Japanese onsen village Nozawa Onsen and are now living paradise. The depth of cultural and life experience available in this onsen village of 1300+ years history that only until recent years was cut off from the world for nearly half the year due to the unusual climate, continually awarded for best rice in Japan, highest rate of Olympians per capita in the world, largest single ski resort in Asia, etc… it is a very unique place and we are now striving to let the world know more about it – through this blog!