Zenkoji, Obuse & Togakushi 1-Day Tour Bus Launches Again in 2019

April 4th, 2019

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First launched last year, this sightseeing bus operated by JR East connects Obuse, Togakushi, and Zenkoji, giving visitors an opportunity to see some of the area’s best sights all in one day! Tour Nagano hassle-free while enjoying onboard Wi-Fi and English commentary for each sightseeing spot.

See this accompanying blog post from last year for an in-depth look at the tour’s contents and for recommendations on how to best enjoy them.

There have been some changes since last year, including a new course that visits Zenkoji Temple in the morning. Departing the Hotel Metropolitan at 9:00, it brings you to Zenkoji during its open hours so you can visit the main hall, try the kaidan-meguri, or purchase an omikuji for good luck. The bus picks you back up at 10:40 to continue on to Obuse and Togakushi.

You also now have two options for visiting Togakushi. You can get off at the Chusha Shrine, located near numerous restaurants and the Chibiko Ninja Village, or continue to the Okusha Shrine to see its famous 400-year-old giant cedars and the Togakushi Ninja Museum.


The Zenkoji, Obuse & Togakushi 1-Day Tour Bus operates between April 5th to November 30th, 2019. It runs mainly on weekends and holidays, and every day between October 4th to November 17th. See pamphlet for all dates.

Bus Tour Perks

  • Free onboard Wi-Fi
  • Sake brewery tour & sake-tasting at Matsubaya Honten in Obuse (Japanese language only)
  • Onboard English-language commentary on each sightseeing area
  • 10% discount on Hokusaikan Museum and Togakushi Ninja Museum admission fees


Early Zenkoji Course
Adults/4,000 yen, Children/2,000 yen
Regular Course
Adults/3,500 yen, Children/1,750 yen


Reservations can be made online at Japan Bus Online or in person at the front desk of Hotel Metropolitan Nagano (attached to Nagano Station). As long as seats are available, you can also purchase tickets from the hotel’s front desk on the same day.