Welcome to a World-Class Resort! Introducing the Charms of Mountainous Nagano!

June 28th, 2017

The Great Outdoors will Change Your Life

Nagano prefecture is Japan’s No. 1 mountain resort with 15 mountains at heights of over 3,000m, five national parks and 3 quasi-national parks. Highlands expand under the bright blue sky, sunlight shines through the deep forests, mountains float above the clouds, and limitless stars paint the night sky.

This July to September, Nagano prefecture will be the target of one of the nation’s largest tourism campaigns. During this “Destination Campaign,” we would like to suggest four ways of enjoying a trip to Nagano that may change your life.

We hope that foreign visitors of Japan will also take note of Nagano, which has also received a lot of attention as a tourism destination domestically. The peoples and regions of Nagano Prefecture have come together to share Omotenashi (Japanese hospitality) with all of our guests.


We’re now providing the convenient Nagano Navi application which puts Nagano’s sightseeing and transportation information at your fingertips. Please use it during your trip to Nagano!

Four Great Ways to Enjoy Nagano

1. Healing

No. 1 in Japan for forest therapy courses and day-use hot spring facilities, Nagano is full of places that promote relaxation and healing. In moments of relief, your tired mind can re-energize and focus on what’s truly important.

Places of Healing in Nagano:

  • Akasawa Natural Recreation Park
    The Akasawa Natural Recreation Park is the origin of forest therapy in Japan. Enjoy trails along clear streams and through the beautiful woods of the Kiso Valley.
  • The Wooded Shrines of Togakushi
    Togakushi is located on a plateau above Nagano City and is home to five shrines that dot the wooded landscape. One of the most popular, the Okusha shrine, is a 30 minute hike from the main road and features a lane of 400-year-old cryptomeria trees.
  • Go! Nagano’s Hot Springs Page
    Soak away your worries in some of Nagano’s 100% natural mineral hot springs and enjoy the traditional atmosphere of an onsen town.
  • Go! Nagano’s Guide to Using Onsen Hot Springs
    Never been to a hot spring in Japan? Brush up on your onsen knowledge and find beginner-friendly hot spring facilities.
  • Kamikochi
    Kamikochi is the undisputed jewel of the Northern Japanese Alps. Enjoy virgin forests, clear streams, and majestic mountain views from its gentle walking trails.
  • Nabekura Kogen Beech Tree Forest Therapy
    The beech tree forest of Nabekura Kogen is a certified forest therapy area and offers well-maintained, flat walking paths for people of all ages to enjoy.

2. The Outdoors

Nagano is an outdoor paradise where you can enjoy a range of activities in mountains, lakes, and rivers. Push your limits in the wilds and discover the power of survival in yourself. Experiencing the outdoors helps children find this power too!

Outdoor Activities in Nagano:

3. History and Culture

From the Jomon Period, “Shinshu” (a former name of Nagano) was said to be the center of Japan. It was also here were many military commanders and clans fought for survival during turbulent times, such as the Sanada clan. By learning about Shinshu’s past—or rather, from its past—you may find some hints for the future.

Historical/Cultural Sites in Nagano:

  • The Nakasendo Trail
    Established during the Edo Period, the Nakasendo trail connects Kyoto and modern-day Tokyo. 69 post towns were developed to accommodate travelers, and several of them remain in the Kiso Valley. The townscapes look much as they did 200 years ago and offer a glimpse into Japan’s past.
  • Matsumoto Castle
    Matsumoto Castle is one of Japan’s five national treasure castles. Built over 400 years ago, it still stands proudly in front of the Japanese Alps.
  • Zenko-ji Temple
    Zenko-ji Temple has over 1400 years of history and is the center of Buddhist faith in Eastern Japan.
  • Suwa Taisha Shrine
    The four shrines of the Suwa area form the Suwa Taisha Shrine, and it is renowned for the Onbashira Festival which is celebrated once every six years.
  • Obuse Chestnut Path
    Obuse is a beautiful, small town surrounded by farms and chestnut orchards. It was loved by Katsushika Hokusai, arguably Japan’s most famous artists, and he spent many years there in his old age. You can see a beautiful original painting of Hokusai’s at Gansho-in Temple, as well as a collection of his works at the Hokusai-kan museum.

4. Food

The people of Nagano Prefecture have the longest average lifespan in all of Japan, and food plays an important part in that. Using plentiful Nagano-grown ingredients, Nagano aims to introduce health-conscious cuisine, named “Shinshu Yama-Gohan” (Shinshu mountain food), to wider audiences. You can enjoy Shinshu yama-gohan at accommodations and restaurants throughout Nagano. Adopt aspects of Nagano’s traditional food culture in your own life and live healthily!

All about Nagano’s Food:

For more information, please see the official Shinshu Destination Campaign website here (Japanese only).