The Green Season at Hakuba Happo

August 5th, 2014


Hakuba is a quaint village located in Nagano.  As a visitor to Hakuba one of the first things you will notice are the surrounding mountains. Mountain peaks like Mt. Shakushi-Dake at 2812m Mt. Hakuba-Yari-ga-take at 2903m & Mt. Shirouma-dake soaring to 2932m. You will be engaged with the sight of sweeping rice fields & rich agricultural scenery. Farmers here work hard all season in their fields preparing healthy, sustainable and delicious food. When you stay in Hakuba, your experience begins!

Hakuba is located about 270km northwest of Tokyo. Our green season is summer & autumn; a time to refresh outdoors & connect with nature. Hiking, mountain biking, camping, kayaking, rafting & other adventures are just a few reasons why you should visit. The “Happo-one Nature Study Trail” is where some 330 kinds of blooming alpine flora greet you as you stroll along. The air is crisp in the fall & in early October the mountain slopes are attired in crimson foliage! 

Flowing directly below the Hakuba Range & with a high alkaline content is Hakuba Happo Onsens (hot spring). You shouldn’t miss relaxing in one of many traditional bath houses during your visit.

By  Nachan from Hakuba Valley




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  1. Hi Nachan,
    Great description. That sounds like a lovely place to visit in the summer. Where could I find more information about the mountain biking in that region?

  2. Konnichiwa Jason San,

    Thank you for your kind mail.
    There are many trails for mountain biking in the Hakuba area. One major ski resort in central Hakuba is Hakuba 47 Mountain Sports Park located at the foot of the North Alps.

    The English version website has lift, mountain bike rental and accessory item rental prices.
    The lift includes the Gondola which takes your bike to the top station.
    Click on the top right AREA MAP to view the mountain bike trail map.

    The Japanese version is more detailed with video footage of the trails. Take a look!

    Alternatively, maka a reservation via MTB guided tours company Evergreen Outdoor Center

    Our local accommodation in Hakuba includes traditional Japanese ryokan, small inns, pensions and lodges as well as high end accomodations. If you like camping, you can also pitch a tent at the designated camp areas.

    See you in Hakuba!


  3. Hi Nachan san,

    Thank you for your post, it does sound inviting. I visited Hakuba last ski season and would love to do some climbing in there. Would you know if there are any climbing tracks to the summits, what would be the recommended fitness/climbing skill level? Any organised tours for the summit climbing or crossing the mountain range? Thanks

  4. Konnichiwa Varel San,

    Thank you for your mail. Glad to hear you enjoyed your winter holiday in Hakuba!

    Hakuba is the gateway to Japan’s Northern Alps. Imagine when the snow melts and the surrounding flora turns green in the summer and crimson in the autumn! Nature trails and man-made trails open for the trekking season and the mountain lodges open their simple abodes offering warm hospitality and stamina meals for your onward or return journey.
    Mountain climbing or mountaineering, trekking and easy hiking access trails are plentiful.
    Naturally, if you plan to camp or hike for longer periods we suggest that you fill in a trip planner and submit it at the base of the mountain (Gondola Lift) before your hike begins. It is also important to carry necessary gear, provisions, a compass and map.
    There are no pre-arranged tours in English however, Hakuba Village office can certainly recommend a private tour guide for you and/or friends. Or prepare and plan your trip when you get here!
    Here is a link to Hakuba Village Homepage in English which gives simple instructions about the nature of the trail and time to climb to the summit. In terms of fitness level there are general half day trips suitable for kids and families, for fairly active people a one day trek and full scale mountaineering endless possibilities
    *a healthy heart and ability to trek up and down natural terrain is a priority.

    I hope this gives you an idea about how to plan your mountain experience here in Hakuba.

    Accommodation options in Hakuba Happo are available via Happo-one Tourism Association.
    In Japan it is nice to experience traditional hospitality by staying in a Japanese Ryokan or Minshuku (private home providing lodging for travelers). This experience can offer you more than just mountain climbing as the village’s history over the years shaped the way it is today. Japanese culture will probably impact you most during your trip in Hakuba.

    See you in Hakuba!


  5. Hi. Thinking of visiting Hakuba in late June with my family for some gentle hiking. Are gondolas running then? Will we be able to get around without a car? ( we plan to use rail pass)

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